The Atrium

The Atrium Structure stands as a beacon of modern elegance and architectural innovation, making it the ideal choice for both grandiose events and more personal, intimate gatherings. Its minimalist beauty and contemporary design promise to create an unforgettable experience for all attendees. Explore the intersection of luxury and innovation with the Atrium – redefining the standards of style and sophistication in event spaces.

The Atrium boasts a 4m (13′) eave height and optional glass gable ends, ensuring guests enjoy expansive views and event planners have complete freedom in designing the layout. This structure maintains full rigging capabilities, enhancing its versatility. Optional black horizontal glass panels and a black frame against clear tops offer a striking contrast, marrying transparency with modern elegance.

Whether bathed in the soft glow of dawn or illuminated by the vibrant hues of dusk, the Atrium promises an ambiance filled with wonder, making every moment of your event an unforgettable experience of luxury and innovation.

  • Pole-free interior for clear views
  • Optional black horizontal glass panels for added elegance
  • Clear tops paired with a sleek black frame
  • Comprehensive rigging capabilities