High Peak Festival Tents

While high peak festival tents are named appropriately, as they are very popular at festival-like events, they can also be versatile and showcase creative designs.  This style of tent offers a floating center pole that does not obstruct the internal space and features either a single or double peak.  Though these are known for having a much smaller footprint than some other styles of tent, often in either 10, 15 or 20 foot widths, they are also well-known for being utilized in high volumes.


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From pop-up shops and branded events to merchandise sale, ticket booths and food service, individual vendor space is often needed to ensure a safe and profitable festival or concert site.  Signage, lights and custom counter-height walls can all be affixed to the tent frame to help in both crowd control and flow of information.

No matter the need, high peak festival tents can be ordered in bulk or individually custom designed to suite your project. For high volumes of vendors, there is no better layout than rows of 10’x10’ tent space.