The Galleria

Encased in glass and equipped with multiple rigging points for lights, greenery, and décor, the Galleria is designed to impress. Its unique features, including a cathedral roof profile, clear roof panels, and panoramic glass windows, offer an unparalleled setting for high-profile social gatherings, exclusive weddings, and corporate events looking to make a statement.

The Galleria merges the best of modern design flexibility with the timeless appeal of crystal-clear views – the epitome of sophistication and modern design creating an atmosphere of open-air freedom and luxury.

Standing tall with a 4m (13′) leg height, the Galleria offers a choice between sleek vinyl or panoramic glass walls, complemented by a cathedral roof profile. The clear roof panels invite natural light, creating a radiant and airy ambiance. Vinyl or glass gables and an optional decorative internal truss add to its aesthetic appeal, while the cathedral roof peaks at an impressive 7.5m (24′)  apex, enhancing the grandeur of your event.

Measuring 20m (66′) wide at the gable, with customizable lengths in 5m (16′) bays, the Galleria is versatile for any event size, from intimate gatherings to grand celebrations. Multiple rigging points allow for creative installations of greenery, lights, and music, ensuring that your event in the Galleria is nothing short of spectacular.